Kiesha s

She, Her, Hers - I identify myself as a servant leader, dedicated to education, public service, and antiracism.

Jennifer Goubeaud, MA

Neurodiversity Advocate, Workforce Inclusion

Antonio Blazevic

Neurodiversity Ally

Dr. Lutza Ireland

Systems designer, psychologist, researcher, author, neurodiversity advocate

Tiffany Jameson

Neurodiversity Researcher, Workplace Inclusion Consultant, Proud ND parent

Alejandra Barbosa Guerra

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Human Resources Professional, Neurodiversity Ally

Peter Shea

Learning Professional, Parent of Neurodiverse Teenager

Michael Kuhn

Neurodiversity Ally

Dr. Manprett Kaur

Passionate about Happiness for all

Guillermo Serrano

Human Resources Professional, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Workplace Strategist Consultant

Elyse H.U. Ku

Student research assistant, Psychology major with Business Analytics Major, media creator

Sonia Allison-Penny

Human Capital Consultant & Neurodiversity Ally

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